The PQMRA race track at Alpenrose Dairy has been around for more than 50 years now. In that time, there have been many young drivers who have driven the Alpenrose track. Some of those drivers have moved on to become famous people. Here are a few of them. Please feel free to contact us with more famous people that you know who have raced our track!

  • Mike Bliss – NASCAR Sprint Cup / Nationwide
  • Pat Bliss – Washington Midget Association
  • Jeff Gordon – NASCAR Sprint Cup – Raced at the Alpenrose Dairy track in the ’80s.
  • William T. Lawrence – NHRA/IHRA
  • U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley – U.S. Senator from Oregon

One fun comment about quarter midget racing comes from Senator Merkely from a news story in the Oregonian from Jan. 25, 2008, after he was involved in a car accident.  The article states, “Merkley said he didn’t panic when the car went into a skid because he knew what to expect.  In his youth, he said, he raced quarter-midget cars at the Alpenrose track, ‘and we were sliding around every corner.'”

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Alpenrose Dairy
Alpenrose Dairy

5 Responses to “FAMOUS PEOPLE”

  1. where is jeff gordon on the famous people part

    • Well … Jeff Gordon did race quarter midgets, but he didn’t race them at Alpenrose or with our club. The Famous People section is specific to our track/club. That’s why I didn’t put him up there. :)

      • ohh im sorry i dident know, i thought he did because ink told me but maby she was talkng about something else. sorry

  2. Nothing to be sorry about. :)

  3. “Jeff Gordon did race quarter midgets, but he didn’t race them at Alpenrose or with our club”.

    Jeff Gordan did race at Alpenrose several times, he stayed with Art and Rose Bliss (during the time Mike and Pat raced) when he raced in Portland.

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